Wine tasting

Chemical analysis by itself is no guarantee for the quality and good taste of your wine. This is why Meron has its own professional test panel. During wine tasting sessions you can test your wine together with our test panel.

New at Meron is the development of the ‘taste-technical specification’  in addition to the ‘chemical specification’.

  • Colour: The colour intensity of the wine is determined, supported by a spectrometric assay.
  • Odour: The odours present are described. This determination occurs on the basis of an internationally recognised chemical aroma model.
  • Balance: The proportions of a number of flavor-determining elements such as acids and sugar are tasted as well as the presence of tannin.
  • Aromas: The flavors of fruit, herbs and wood are identified as well as any off-notes.
  • Aftertaste: The finish / length of the wine is determined.

Merons professional tasting panel

Our test panel sets up and explains the taste-technical specification. In this way, you can also review the development of your wine over time, and make adjustments where necessary. We have tested extensively with the taste-technical specification and the results are very positive. This development presents for you an additional option in addition to the chemical specification.

All members of the tasting panel are well experienced:


  • Education level: minimum WSET level 3
  • and/or ‘Vinoloog’ of the Dutch Wine Academy
  • and/or a proven and relevant track record in the wine business