The Meron story

From the realisation that transparency with regard to the contents of a wine bottle is of utmost importance, Meron has originated. There was a need for objective knowledge.

From the passion of Harry van den Dungen, who was responsible for the Hema wine purchase in the 1980s, has Meron originated. Harry soon realised that consumers wanted absolute clarity about what's in the wine bottle they buy. In addition he became quickly aware of the importance of good communication with the consumer who is faced with making a choice at the store shelf. Everything then contributes to enticing the consumer to make the purchase: the information on the shelf, the bottle, the cork or cap, the design of the label, the information on the rear label, the placement within the shop.

The taste of wine is subjective, but there are also very many elements that can be objectively analysed. The information gained is not only relevant for determining compliance with legislation, but also helps consumers select the right wine for a specific occasion or meal.

Meron has a laboratory since 1994 that has since been expanded with the most modern wine research facilities. Currently, 85% of Holland’s wholesale distribution is analysed by Meron. Expansion to surrounding countries has increased sharply in recent years. Many years of independent research have produced an extensive database with valuable information on wines – knowledge that can be used for many different purposes.


The need for communication regarding the quality of wine grows as a result of the increasing requirement for transparency in all steps of the supply chain, all the way to the consumer.

We are in general developing a growing need for transparency regarding the quality of wine.

This growing need for transparency arises in many areas and will certainly be crucial for the food industry. The growing awareness of the consumer makes it important that all intermediate steps [in the supply chain] know what people choose.

The customer seeking more grip on what he eats and drinks is increasingly in the position where he can make choices. Suppliers are compelled to guide the customer through the world of wine in an attractive manner.

In addition to the need for transparency, we still see a limited interest in quality assurance throughout the whole supply chain. In the area of quality assurance and monitoring, Meron can dispel customers’ concerns.


Meron provides fact-based information for the entire wine supply chain. With this actual transparency, Meron helps its customers to guarantee and monitor the quality of their wine offering.

Meron, your global quality partner for wines & spirits.