Quality Institute

As a producer, importer, or seller of wine you wish to be assured of a high quality. Not only when you carefully select the wine, but especially at the moment when your customer pours the wine: a tried and tested enjoyment.

As an independent wine institute, Meron helps you to guarantee that quality. How do we do that?

Meron analyses and assesses the quality of wines

  • The chemical investigation takes place in our high-tech wine laboratory where we investigate the chemical composition of the wine with help of various analytical instruments.
  • Each wine is subjected to a standard set of 17 analyses which comprise the standard analysis package. We can, among other things, investigate the shelf life of the wine, its compliance with the current appellation and (our own) legal provisions.
  • Furthermore, we can trace 95% of the most common chemical irregularities in the wine. The majority of wines are assessed in an organoleptic fashion during wine testing sessions. A testing session is done by Meron’s professional wine tasting panel together with you, if you wish.
  • We carry out an extensive label check and look at the ‘shelf life’ of your wines. Is your label in line with (European) guidelines and laws and regulations?
  • Using a Gas Chromatography-Triple Quadrople Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS/MS), Meron is able to screen errors in wine at a very accurate detection level (PPT, parts per trillion). It zooms in on the 31 most common mistakes in wine. For spirits the off-notes screener exists of 24 off-notes.


The correct selection from our wine database

Meron analyses, tests, and gathers information on all wines submitted by our customers. All this input gives you, as our customer, all the necessary information about the quality of the wine at a chemical, taste-technical, and commercial level.  Meron has built up a giant database of wine all over the world.  This knowledge has been gathered through expert analyses, the results of which have been entered into a database. As a result Meron has become a unique knowledge institute for wines.

As an independent wine institute we support you in consumer-oriented thinking and by optimising the quality of the wines that you produce, import, or sell.