Core values

Meron provides fact-based information for the entire wine supply chain. With this actual transparency, Meron helps its customers to guarantee and monitor the quality of their wine offering.

COMPETENT- Provides quality assurance

We stand for the quality of wine. By making professional analyses of wine and describing them in clear language, we guide all of our customers through the winescape. In this we can rightfully claim to be a hallmark for the entire international wine supply chain. Our expertise extends to all facets of wine: from the harvest and chemical composition to the experience of the wine in the glass: a tasteful technical achievement for making wine accessible to all.

INSPIRED – Contagious and customer-driven

We wish to have our customers experience our passion for wine and food. That is why we let everyone taste and smell our wines attentively, thereby allowing the wine, as it were, to relate the story of its origin. Our customer-orientation is demonstrated by the speed with which we carry out the requested analyses. Within 48 hours we can tell you everything about the wine that is being sold or that is about to be sold. With our story we aspire to stimulate the same love and excitement as we have for wine within a broad audience. Only then can everyone with the same inspiration praise and appreciate wines.

INNOVATIVE – Head start through technology

In order to shape the future we constantly look ahead. With our focus on renewal and innovation, we distinguish ourselves in the international wine and information market. Whether through a technological head start, revelation of customer insights, or expansion in the international market: we continue to research and ‘think out of the box’ in order to continue being unique and relevant in the world of wine.

MAGICALLY REALISTIC – The magical world of wine

In the daily reality, wine can be subjected to analyses that can be incorporated in thorough reports. But the enchantment of wine always plays an important role for us. The seduction of the wine in the glass and the atmosphere we create for our relationships transports people to that magic feeling of ‘the good life’. We believe that the consumer wants to keep thinking and testing for himself. This statement also applies: ‘tell me how it tastes, but do not tell me if it’s nice’. In this way we can bridge the gap between the hard-boiled knowledge of things and the making of ‘magic matches’. This is where feeling and reason meet, with wine in the leading role; a vision of the future with respect for the past.