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Your global quality partner for wines and spirits.

The Quality Institute

Meron is your partner in quality control for your wine and spirits department. As a producer, importer, or seller of wine you wish to be assured of a high quality. Not only when you carefully select the wine, but especially at the moment when your customer pours the wine: a tried and tested enjoyment.

As an independent wine institute, Meron helps you to guarantee that quality. How do we do that?

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Strategic partner

Meron helps you achieve your company quality targets. Meron is not only an independent knowledge institute when it comes to the quality of wine; in the field of wines Meron also has extensive knowledge of the market and consumer behaviour.

Wine research

Together with you we establish the guidelines for analysing your wine and determining its quality. We carry out chemical analyses as well as an organoleptic assessment (a sensory perception of, for instance, odour and colour). Nowadays, the taste-technical determination accounts for 85% of the chemical data.

Meron is the most specialised wine laboratory in the Benelux. So precisely what can we investigate?

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Meron investigates next to the ‘chemical specification’, also the 'taste-technical specification'.
Our test panel judges the wine in the following areas:



Wine tasting

Chemical analysis by itself is no guarantee for the quality and good taste of your wine. This is why Meron has its own professional test panel. During wine tasting sessions you can test your wine together with our test panel.

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Meron is the only independent specialised wine-based institute in the Benelux. The solutions offered by Meron are:

  • Standard chemical specification *
  • Specific chemical specification
  • Professional test panel
  • Organoleptic assessment
  • Off note screening
  • Authenticity of the validation
  • * Recognised as an approved laboratory by the official EU agricultural regulation no. 1308/2013 and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation no. L302.

Wine information

People have an ever increasing need for information about what they eat and drink. Think of ingredients, quality and origin. Meron has gathered detailed information on numerous wines and is the only wine institute in the world that possesses such as extensive winebase. Meron has developed a nutritional value indicator that provides even more transparency during the purchase of wine; a tried and tested enjoyment.

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The taste-technical analysis of wine

Besides the chemical analyses, a taste-technical analysis is also done. With the introduction of SmaakSpec 2.0 [‘TasteSpec 2.0’] we enter an new era where the facts emerging from taste-technical observations are substantiated more than before. Possible irregularities in wine are not only traced, but measures for avoiding them are also given. As a result, you can establish in a transparent fashion whether the diligently analysed wine still satisfies predetermined selection criteria.

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Test panel

The training and experience of the Meron Test Panel members demand high standards (minimum WSET level 3, vinologist or years of tasting experience). The total panel consists of eight testers. At least three to four tasters are present at a session.

The story

Meron originated from the realisation that transparency with regard to the contents of a wine bottle is of utmost importance. There was a need for objective knowledge. How did that need lead to Meron?

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Core values

Meron provides fact-based information for the entire wine supply chain. With this actual transparency, Meron helps its customers to guarantee and monitor the quality of their wine offering.
The core values are the foundation of the organisation.

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Wine guides

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